Origami logic and SharePoint sanity 

I am an origami enthusiast.  I’ve been fascinated with the art of Japanese paper folding for years.  What strikes me about this art, is the simplicity of design and how certain folds can change the appearance and behavior of the paper.

The same logic and design, I feel applies to SharePoint.

Yes, SharePoint.

I’m a SharePoint consultant for the the last 13 years and what I find and hold true is that SharePoint is an amazing content management system. 

 When you apply out of box design to both the front end and back end development, what you get is simple yet robust performance.

So what happens when you start adding complex code to your SharePoint environment.  What happens when you decide to introduce non friendly code to a SharePoint application, farm level or code to InfoPath forms?  You start to notice, your SharePoint configuration has morphed and maybe doesn’t behave as expected?

Same holds true to origami design.

Origami, by nature is the art of folding paper. No cutting.  Cutting your origami is not origami.  That is calked kirigami and it changes the design. 

Oops.  Maybe you didn’t want to cut it. Well, once the paper is cut, it is no longer the same thing. You could tape it to fix the cut but the fibers of the paper is not compromised.

Why yes, I am a purist in this regard.

Just like custom code to SharePoint. It is no longer the same thing.  It is but it isn’t.  

This may seem like splitting hairs but as a consultant who has gone through many migration projects, when you try to migrate old highly customized SharePoint content to the newer version, you have now entered into the realm of pita projects.

I don’t mean pita like the bread.  I mean pain in the ass.

As a SharePoint consultant, my advice and mantra is keep it simple. Keep it out of box.

Stick to origami if you want origami.  There is no need to go Edward Scissorhand on your origami project.


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