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The magic of mushrooms

After watching Jeong Kwan episode on Chef’s Table, I have become obsessed with mushrooms.  I’ve always liked eating mushrooms but since the show, I’ve been researching other varieties, not the typical button mushrooms you see in the grocery stores nor are they the uhm magical kind.

I’m talking about shiitake mushrooms.   I have used dried shiitake mushrooms in recipes but to use them fresh is a complete new experience.

Texture wise, they are amazingly tender and and savory.  A very juicy consistency that reminds me of eating meat.  Which I miss eating but don’t miss the stomach problems that comes shortly after meat consumption.

Jeong Kwan braised the shiitake mushrooms in soy sauce and sesame for her dishes.

I am basically saute them with sesame oil.

What I am learning how to do is be an aware vegetarian eater.  By this I mean, I don’t want to eat something that is “fake” meat.  If I wanted to eat chicken or beef or pork, I will eat from the original source.  I don’t need to eat a substitute.

My recent accepting of the vegetarian lifestyle is for health benefits.  Not because I don’t want to eat meat or the famous Smith’s album Meat Is Murder.

Someone told me that Hitler was a vegetarian when I told them that I don’t eat meat.  I looked blankly at the person and  replied back “uhm ok, that is nice, what does that have to do with me?  He was also left-handed.  Does that make me Hitler?”

The person was not amused by that statement.  If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Grin.

So before I digressed into vegetarian stupidity, let’s talk about mushrooms again.

For hundreds of years, shiitake mushrooms have been a popular food source in Asia. They’re the second most popular and the third most widely cultivated edible mushroom in the world.

There are many health benefits to the shiitake mushroom including boosting the immune system, fighting cancer as well as helping blood vessels stay healthy.

Here are some shiitake mushroom recipes I found on the Internet.

Accompanying my mushrooms for dinner, I added roasted beets from the other night.  And of course, greens.  Lots of greens.

Next up to experiment with.  Dandelion greens!



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