An Apology

Yes I am selfish

For if I am not, then I would do you a disservice,

Keeping you by my side,

Never to let you run free and spread your wings,

I see your unhappiness,

Your longing to fly,

Yes I am selfish because my goal as

Mother is not to be your keeper

Mother’s keeper,

Safely tucked in my house,

Never to let you question your place in this world,

I am cutting your cord,

Bloodied hands and sweat and tears,

I have watched you emerge into this world,

Yelling with fist raised and I am watching you take your first step outside the confines of the safety nest I have created for you,

It is because of this 

I am letting you go,

Rather an abrupt push,

You are angry at me as you were when you were born,

Fatherless but not fearless,

There is nothing you can’t do,

Nothing that your heart won’t go after,

Your songs 

Your voice cries out,

Haunting and a reminder

You are your own,

Your own in womanhood,

If I kept you in my house,

You would continue to whither and wilt,

This is not life,

Life is out there,





My house remains the same,

It is time for you to learn to make your way into the world,

It has always been the plan all along

The universe calls.


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