Family Drama

I want to tell you about my family,

Mother, Father, Sister


We were family.

When the world was young

everything was bright and beautiful


I was the odd child out,

Neither sister nor brother,

Something in between,

I was first born,

My parents took their first test drive with me,

Not understanding the human dynamics of child rearing consist putting actions behind words,

Words such as love equates to the action called affection.

Words such as hate equates to action called keeping thoughts in the bubble.


Being inexperienced parents showed their first born the meaning outcast,

Sent me to live with the grandparents.

They were like gods to me.

I was cast out of Mount Olympus as Vulcan was cast down.

As Hades made his home in the underworld.

Not my place, I told myself,

As I comforted myself in the world of books,

Seeking to understand the drama behind family,

Between the bickering and hidden comments between the rug,

I am made of stronger things than clay,

Molded into an Amazon goddess,

I keep telling myself that between the past and present,

my future is about growth and pain,

Dark and Light,

These things are tied eternally,

Regret is only a word that gets cast into the fountain,

Wishes are fishes that swim away,

Only to be found again in dreams,

The quiet of the morning light,

Brings a reflection of renewed growth,

I am no longer odd child,

stirring my toe in the pond,

reflections of a summer gone.



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