How My Brain Works

My muse is a 4 years old girl hyped on cotton candy and a day at the fair,

She is yelling at me ‘write it down!  Write it down! Before we come back and haunt you with a recurring dream!’

And I’m thinking

It is too fucking early in the morning to get up and feed the muse.

 I want to practice my inner 100 years old Buddhist nun ‘patience….calm… patience’ 
I dream my mother has entered a roller derby to win a summer BBQ grill. 

 Instead of a derby, the girls are playing water polo and my mom is dressed in a matching  swimming suit and water cap.  

There are flowers in her cap.  She doesn’t want to get her flowers wet.

She is failing at water polo as the other players are pushing her down.  Flogging around the pool!

 She is swirling backwards towards the drain of the pool. 

I’m yelling at her ‘ Get the fuck up and fight!  Get the fuck up and punch back!’

But she doesn’t hear me as water drowns out my voice and washes down the drain. 

Australian currents swirling around her.

Some days, I wish I for quiet peace. Wake up to the sound of my own breath,

Instead there is that pesky  4 years old yelling behind my head,

Write it down!

Write it down!


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