Dream sequence 

In my dreams

The dead walk among the living as their partner, chained to the memory,

On constant replay.

I am watching some of the dead,

With haunted eyes,

They are whispering,

Let me go,

I am just a passenger on this travel,

Towards something unknown and frighteningly beautiful called life,

I am on my way to get a tattoo touch up but I end up making out with the artist,

I don’t know his name. I ask myself,

Should I?

These actions are as mysterious as the dead in my dreams,

Walking back home,

I am visiting the farm of my friend on Lopez, the wolf island,

My wildness is following behind me,

My sex scent lingering as a trail,

And I wake up knowing 

Tomorrow is another day

Where I walk among the living,

My ghost self stuck in a dream.


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