You say you will die alone,

And I ask you to ponder this,

Death is just another journey to another consciousness,

In this here and now,

You will be missed,

I am sure,

By me,

By others,

Consider this,

My friend,

My adventuring companion for this brief moment in time,

Let us savor this moment,

Where you and I are



Follows you around,

A smiling jackal at every corner,

Cerberus unleashed,

Reminding us the dark corners of our mind,

I don’t have answers for you,

Just that,

I share too many similarities and life oddities.

What we share is not the upbringing but rather the continuous perseverance to ourselves,

Our children,

The only constant in our chaotic lives.

You tell me that you will die alone,

You tell me that you are accountable to only yourself,

I am here to tell you,

Yes and no,

Your presence will be missed,

And I am joyous in your ventures,

Travel far and wide,

I will be here,

In the here and now and tomorrow to hear of your travels,

Laughter skipping from your eyes as you tell of your tales,


Travels slowly down the stream,

And I have learned a few things here and there,

That life and death are two sides of the same coin,

By living,

Truly living,

Giving into life,

Heart and soul is the same as death,

Release and letting go,

That love is universal and pure,

Love is trusting your heart and pushing forward,

It is the moment when the sun rises and the chill of night tucks is in deeper into our bed,

Remember this,

Trust what your heart says,

Listen carefully,

And follow.


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