Not Saying Good Bye

Dear Ex Husband,

I am writing this to you,

To explain that by not saying good bye now means

We will someday meet up as friends again,

Somewhere between yesterday,

A change occurred and stirred in me,

I no longer could stand by and witness the destruction of you,

Your soul and the innocence to life and love,

I could not stand by and witness your crushing attempt to put me in a box and label me as Lisa.

I am way more than the person you once knew,

Your belittling of everything I cherish,

Every criticism,

Every sideways sneer,

Every side remark,

Driving me to the corner,

Had me cornered until I wanted to come out fighting,


I chose to leave the fight.


Is not mine to fight,

With you,

Battling the gale force winds and seas,

Whatever your fight with,

Your past,

Your family,

Your ex wife,

That was not mine to take up arms with,


Is not my fight.

I will always love you.

Universal love can’t be contained and boxed,

This is why I choose to leave the way I did.

Saying I can’t do this marriage anymore,

Why I chose to close my heart to you and walk away,

Why I can’t stand by and watch you destroy everything around you,

Me included.


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