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A year ago, my 100 years old grandmother passed away. She left behind a legacy. I feel fortunate to have experienced her life. My grandparents raised me when I was a baby and was a constant in my life.

I learned my passion for the outdoors from my grandfather, hiking, gardening and physically challenging yourself to do your best.

I learned the art of cooking from my grandmother and mother. Food is more than feeding your hunger, it is providing a gathering space for like minded people to share good food, good drink, friendship and love. Free of judgement.

I learned patience and compassion.

I learned calmness and tranquility.

I feel fortunate to have graced my grandmother’s presence.

Her spirit runs in all of us kids. Even my daughter.

Someday, I plan on traveling back to Korea and embrace the side I’ve been avoiding for a while.

A homecoming of sorts.

I start with the mother tongue. Learning to speak the language of my birth.

I learn to cook the food that nurtured me growing up.

I learn a lot about myself by remembering my grandmother.

My halmoni.


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