Love and the Age of Cholera

I dreamt that we were riding through a cholera epidemic –

The road was covered with little tiny children dressed in Victorian era clothes,

Perfect little mannequin dolls,

Lined up in rows,

Panic set in and I am yelling

‘drive, you idiot!’

And you stare at me with cholera scarf tied over your eyes,

The moment of panic sets in when you realize that you are not the navigator and not in control,

The Victorian children chatter around us,

And panic sets in 3.2.1

A lonely crow waits eagerly for dinner on the roadside,

Love in the age of cholera

Reminds me that

Destiny is not always a clear road,

And the driver is not always you


It is a wicked reminder that past lovers find themselves in first position,

I imagine they are the accumulation of all former reincarnations,

Gunning to take the lead and

I am fighting for the steering wheel,

Because that is how the universe works,

The universe laughs and mocks me,

And I wake up in a cold sweat,

Panic sets in momentarily,

The night sky peaking through my

bedroom window

And the quiet of an insomniac morning,

Are a gentle reminder that tomorrow is yet another day,

Cholera has not set foot in my doorstep,

Love will keep it at bay.


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