Life Buoy

I can imagine us

Floating along the currents,

Hanging onto life buoys and

You desperately holding on to me,

You called me your home once,

You adrift,

How can I be your home when

I the serial screwup and you,

The classic wanderer,

I bet I drove you crazy,

me, the eternal optimist- happy go lucky dog,

blindly following the fool off the cliff,

you, knight of Damocles, scornful and sad,

did I at least make you laugh?

Yet here we are,

At the end of this dance,

I keep asking myself,

Why didn’t you fight for my love,

Or did you see the deadness in my


Did your ego get the better of you and called you out on your rouse,

Your game is up, boy,

She is no longer your home,

And the only thing I am left with

Is the door as I leave as well.


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