Day 2: Setting Up The House

I remember this,

the way it used to be,

being in the moment with you looking into my eyes and wanting something


than I can provide and give,

I am elsewhere,

Always looking for a way out,

shifting between what was then and what is


I dream that I had a place,

my own place in San Francisco,

my heart was there,

it was that moment when everything changed for me,

no longer just maiden but propelled into the next phase of

what is now,

as it is what I have become,

I have repeated this story to you

over and over again and yet here we are,


not understanding why I left,

I get it,

you are rifling through your emotions

anger stirs inside you,

hurricane force winds has ripped me from you,

in reality,

I was never yours,


Understand this,

the maiden you once knew is a wise old crone,

not old in the sense of age but rather of experience

motherhood is always mine,


I don’t think you got that even if your lips uttered those words,

Actions do speak louder than words hurled across the kitchen,

broken dishes can be replaced

but not breaking my trust.


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