Domesticity in 2 parts

Part 1

We find ourselves in this dance

Between loads of laundry and ironing clothes,

Something we discovered we both like?

I find solace and calm between folding clothes,

The quiet of the day turning to night,

Order from chaos,

Pattern from clutter,

Pressed clean and warm,

The way your scent lingers on my skin,

Funny how these things make me smile

Mysterious like Mona Lisa

Looking past the frame of a picture.

Part 2

I imagine you many miles from me,

On roads leading to nowhere in particular,

There is familiar with this,

When you find yourself alone yet you keep striving,

Onward towards

The moment of unknown points

Dots along a map,

As the ancient sailors used to navigate across the night sky,

Nighttime comes again and I count down the days when you are sleeping by my side again.


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