Heaven and Hell

The thing about war is

One side wins,

Life and death

Not as cut and dry,

Consider this, my love,

The universe is a continuous thread of endless possibilities as day turns over to night,

As longing Endymion chases Selene,

I understand this dance,

Dervish swirls keeping in time

We find ourselves encircling,

Day and night,

When will this honeymoon phase last and we find ourselves

Facing each other across the room

Our first fight?

Silence breaks the corners of my heart,

We both have danced this rondo,

All too familiar yet hopeful for the repeat bar,

Part 2

I am imagining

Waking up from a dream

As it as yesterday and the quiet of morning light brings me back to the


It is morning again and I can’t quite remember if years have gone by or last week came to knock on my door.

The smell of coffee lingers as my dream fades away,

When did all this time happen,

When did today turn into tomorrow,

How graceful are your laugh lines as my fingers trace your smile.


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