A month in

The brace can come off when I’m not active and moving a lot. Feels weird not having my neck supported. I often forget I am recovering from a fractured neck and torn ligament. Then I push it too far and I’m reduced to headaches and whimpering on the bed, trying to slow down the pain.

My knee also screams at me when I push it far as well.

Taking things slowly is a hard lesson to learn.

My house is messy and I’m inclined to pick up and tidy along the way. It bugs me when the floor is not clean.

I got to learn to ask for help but I’m home all day. Supposedly to recover. My mind wanders. I have problems sitting still unless my body is in pain.

I can hear the birds chirping outside and the sun peaking out over the building. Spring is coming and I’m trying to learn to be patient.

My head still hurts where I smack it on the pavement. Especially my eyes when I’m on the computer too long. Screen time is 3 hours at a time. I don’t feel very effective at work.

I can feel that old friend depression and anxiety creeping in and knocking loudly at my front door. Wanting to make itself comfortable in my house. I won’t feel sorry for myself.

I keep telling myself that this is temporary.

Isolation takes it toll on extroverts.

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