To those out there exposing their hearts on this day,

I give you some considerations to take,

Valentine is but one day out of the year,

Consider the courage to expose your heart to someone near and dear,

364 days out of the year,

This brutal expression of love whether forlorn or not,

is but a reminder that the heart is a mighty organ,

it beats strong and loud,

again and again,

in all sorts of inclimate weather,

a rose with thorn is but a flower,

a day to remind us,

be in the moment before love is but a memory.

So I tell you this,

Expose your hearts, my friends,

beat it loud and strong,

Loud and brash,

quiet and gentle,

whatever your liking.

One day out of the year is nothing compared to the other 364,

However take a moment to cherish yourself and others.




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