Saying I love you is a reminder that nothing is permanent

Did you love someone so deeply that you never saw an end to this line?

Were you confident in your trust that forever meant for keeps?

Childhood sayings and the knowledge that waking up means the dream ends and we all end up facing the day,

the quiet of a morning dawn,

the breathing of a child in the next room,

quietly reminding you that

parenthood is forever,

even if your child grows up.

I often think of what you were like,

another lifetime ago,

we, in our current musing,

often relay stories of possible crossings,


you and I are from two different galaxies,

we just happen to be currently in the same orbit now, you see,

I often wonder if you would recognize me back then,

frazzled mom on caffeine high with energetic child in tow,

determined to make the most of a 12 hour day and then some,

what were you like, back then?

You talk of your commitment to family, your wife, your life on the island,

must of been nice to have it all,

picturesque and quaint until it wasn’t,

We all have ex’s, I seem to have collected a few,

Yours I find an interesting specimen and I find myself quietly observing in the background as you and her still exchange curt emails.

My exs’ and I,

we do not have those exchanges.

Nothing to bargain with,

not even mutual children,

just a trail of old memories,

I was never the one for them,

not like yours was to you,

so you see, why I quietly observe?

silent, blinking cat.

Author: Jung Un Choi

Many years ago I started on this journey to discover myself and to move through the universe through stories and poetry. Along the way, I rediscovered myself through cycling and the art of meditation. This and so much more is where you will find me. Somewhere between dreaming and waking. Between watching and participating.

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