Valentines Day 2021

I am reminded of a kiss captured on film,

Some obscure black and white film that your parents lived through,

I am reminded of how fragile life is,

Snow falling around us

Is a sharp reminder that what we are experiencing,

This exact moment will too,

Also fall around us,

Fade into memories,

Scratchy old jazz songs,

Long felt wishes,

I close my eyes,

Listen to the snow falling around me,


The absence of.

I open my eyes and

You are smiling,

Eyes glittering in the firelight,

Holding a pair of icicles you snapped off a branch,

One for you,

One for me,

I stick mine in the snow and named the mount Mt. Gnome,

Out hearts,

Glorious life blood pumping


Reminds us that life is precious.

We have been through so much,


Reminds us that a whisper can be heard in the still of the night,

The whiteness of snow,

We go back inside with the knowledge that tomorrow is yet another day.


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