Heart Attack

The thing is,

When you have a death dream,

You wake up,

You are yanked from the exact moment when

The car hits the water,

The split second before

Metal arms wrap themselves neatly

In a tight cocoon

Where you are grasping for air

Then you are yanked before the jaws swallow you up whole,

You are always brought back to where you started,

The thing is,

That moment when

You wake up and your heart is pounding through your chest

And every breath you are exhaling is struggling to find release,

Your chest feels like an anvil is crushing down on you

And the world is spinning deliciously around you,

Death is just around the corner

Waiting and the real Death,

Keeps on a tight schedule,

Well there is no do overs

Where you wake up and start over again,

Sleep is forever.


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