Reminders – For Sarah L.

I thought I saw you tonight,

The impish turn of your smile,

The twinkle of mischief in your eyes,

Your punkish haircut,

But it’s been over a year and you are gone,



Fellow cyclist,

Wasn’t it just yesterday that we laughed riding home?

You drunk and insisting that alcohol makes you ride faster,

I laughed at your inability to steer straight and faked being too tired to ride,

And we compromised by taking the train home,

I think you would be pleasantly surprised that Rick and I are getting married,

Something you joked that it would happen and I was too shy to utter the words,

Perhaps you saw something I didn’t,

Joked that I needed someone to take care of me,

As you took care of others,

You infectious laughter,

Your ability to bring people together,

Summer is here again and I find myself riding by your house,

I almost want to stop and say hi but I stop myself,

These are the things I miss most about you and so much more,

And so much more.