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How to create a quarter column from the created date

Here is a simple solution to get around calculated columns.  SharePoint Designer comes packed with useful workflows and scenarios that leverage SharePoint data fields.  I’ve been using SharePoint 2010 prior to it’s release and I am greatly impressed with what Designer has to offer.  SharePoint calculated columns have limitations.  There are also no real sure fire way of knowing what works and what doesn’t.  Most cases, it doesn’t work and you end up banging your head against the side of the monitor cursing SharePoint.

Say for example, your client needs a  “Quarter” date  field to automatically push from the created date field.  The old way was using calcuated columns.  SharePoint Designer has it already built in.  Simply choose from the Condition drop down “Created in a specific date span”.  This allows the user to pick a date range.

  1. If created between “mm/dd/yyyy” and “mm/dd/yyyy”
  2.    Set field to value

In step 2, you will need to have already create the variable from your SharePoint site to set your value.


If you require more than one “quarter” to be pre-populated, use the Else If branch to add on to as many date range as needed.