Recipes for the Soul

A year ago I underwent a full hip replacement at the age of 49.  Arthritis and hip dysplasia in my right hip had reduced me to 2 years of living in constant pain.  My life as I had known it -active runner and cyclist now reduced to taking short walks down the street and back.  Reducing me to tears whenever I tried to cross my legs.  I opted to have surgery done and never regretted my decision.

Two years of consuming over the counter pain medication and  opioids had now destroyed my stomach lining and I ended up with fatty liver disease to add to the list.

I found that eating heavy animal protein – beef, pork and chicken  upset my stomach.  My stomach bulged and I found eating to be a love/hate experience.

I slowly  began eliminating meat and reluctantly began looking at a vegetarian diet.

My family came from a culture where eating meat was celebrated and cherished.  Beef and pork were eaten at celebrations because it was so expensive in the homeland.  When we immigrated to North America, we lived in abundance of food.  Meat and seafood was readily available and consumed.  It became a daily ritual through our meal.

Now at nearly 50 years old, I am eating with caution and deliberate scrutiny towards my health.  A life time of carefree eating now reduced to analyzing ingredients and weighing my options if I do choose to indulge in animal products.

I am not to say that this was not the only dietary restriction I had.  I also was diagnosed with Celiac disease in my mid forties.

I have become this cautious eater with a determination of a glutton.  I am a sugar addict.  All the things that I once cherished now a continued and careful observation.

So where am I now?  Still cautiously optimistic.  In my pursuit to find joy and happiness in eating, I am also laying the path for others who are in similar situation.  I can not believe I am the only woman with fatty liver disease.  My hopes is to heal my body and therefore heal my soul.  Food is the means to do this.  I want to love food again not despise it.

What you will find on this blog.  Recipes and findings of food.  Rants and raves about the food journey.

Let’s eat!