Dreams About Houses

I’ve had these dreams about houses,

You and me lived in them,

Not your traditional house with 4 walls and a door but rather a warehouse space with a solid steel door in the middle of Pioneer Square,

You went on a bike ride and left me to lock the gate,

See, there are some things you don’t know about me,

My little kept secrets about things that go bump in the night,

The reason why I fight sleeping every night,

And after much fumbling,

I shut out the dark

I tell myself I can do this,

I can control the noise,

The howl of things that go bump in the night,

The quiet that you bring,

Wraps me all around,

A familiar comforter,

A night light in the hallway,

As I walk up the stairs,

Inspecting the locks on windows,

I am preparing for the howl of night to come.