You are never lost until you want to be found.

Cal Andersen loved his life.  His wife, his house and the cat all had a routine pattern that he fell accustomed to.  Like routine clockwork on a coo coo clock.  Each had their daily pattern that rotated and danced around the house.

That was until last week.  The silent storm that swept through the house and took each participant out of the dance.  First it was the cat.  The faithful tortoiseshell cat that always showed up at dinner time, did not show up. Cal called out to the furry beast that night but the cat did not show up.  Nor did he show up the next night.  His wife, Mattie was not overly concerned.  She had a way of knowing when the speckled cat would show up and reassured Cal that the cat would be back.

“He always shows up”, she said. “Where else would the cat go?”

So Cal waited in the backyard that night.  He pulled up the lawn chair and quietly called for the cat to show up.  They never named the cat when it showed up at their doorstep 7 years ago.  Mattie, Cal’s wife said there was no name that suited the tortoiseshell cat as she sauntered towards them.  Within a few days after the cat showed up, both Mattie and Cal focused their life around the daily pattern of the cat, as typical

Some would say that Mattie, Cal’s wife of 20 years had an ethereal presence wherever she went.  They had met while Cal was visiting Scotland many years ago.  Mattie’s family, all living on a tiny remote island off the coast, did not say much when Mattie decided to leave with Cal back to the States.  She left behind the life she knew and quietly observed.