Genetics and family

I have my grandfather’s eye color

Soft almonds looking out into the new day,

His hands, strong and firm

Thr smell of garden dirt between my fingernails,

A reminder to be grounded when the world turns sideways,

War and famine,

Hardship and loss,

Family remains a constant,

Family sticks together.

I have my grandmother’s face,

High cheekbones and round lips pursed in a continued question.

Seeking answers in silence,

Grandmother and I are left landed,

She taught me resilience and strength when told you are wrong,



She would say, 

These are the traits of a warrior woman,

Sing to the mountaintop,

You are stronger than you think,

Hence my given name- Jung Un

Power and wealth from within,

My grandparents,

A generation apart but closer to my heart,

These legs, continue to walk,

To run,

These arms continue to lift,

To hold,

This heart continues to beat,

This voice continues to speak out,

To seek the truth,

To light my way through the darkness,

My grandparents calling my name in my sleep,

Sleep now,

Sleep well.

Rest your question for another day.


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