Job Search

Madness is a full-time occupation,

in between loads of laundry and cooking dinner,

I find time to make love to you,

I find time in the folding and matching of socks,

it is in the meeting and parting of two strangers that

these two mistmatched socks find their mates and drift apart again,

Madness is a lonely ride for one,

In this rodeo called life,

I find myself straddling bare-ass

riding the fury of the sea,

I seek refuge in her deepness,

I find myself cursing and praising the heavens

for not allowing me to peep into my own private Purgetory,

Dante knew so well,

Madness is a lifetime of loyalties and betrayals,

Mad with desire,

Mad with envy,

Mad woman,

Radio waves ride my thoughts as

easily as the ocean crush rocks into sand,

I see nothing but the black and white

monochrome snow over a landscape,

I hear nothing but the roar of my mind.


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