A Love Story


It starts with  – I love you

simple and pure,

when you first looked into my eyes,

I knew I was meant to be with you,

Funny how time interrupts progress,

hiccups between phases and we find ourselves

twenty years later- the same but changed.


have that same look in your eyes

and my heart longs for your touch,

your hands over mine and we

find our bodies remembering

as severed limbs recall muscle memory,

this is our recollection.


My voice,

finds the strength to

overcome sadness

gutteral cry – almost primal,

this is my valkyrie yell,

it rises from deep within my belly,

I am guiding you,

positioning your fingers to trace my body,

remember as Braille memory so

in the dead of night,

as you reach for me,

I will cry out for you.


As stated,

we have history

not as world war variety but rather a jigsaw collection of historical

facts, fiction and a twist of mystery

this becomes our new template,

our baseline to write our story.


The story begins –

you and I

hand in hand,

the moment our lips touched,

my mouth open and your tongue seeking,

this is more than about sex,

more than about erotic visions,

This is where you and I

find each other gazing into the unknown – beautiful

the dark abyss of our heart and falling forward

backwards into each others arms and rising

and pushing against each other,

melting into one another until there is nothing

but the quiet of the night,

and the steady beat of our hearts against one another.


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