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Dreams as metaphors, part 2

I am using my dreams as gateways into my subconscious.  More and more, I am beginning to understand what impact it has on my conscious self.  Further insight into the meaning and subtle nuances that take place in my dream becomes very apparent.

Last night I dream that I am being evaluated for my work as a consultant.  It determines where I will go for my next project.  I am tested on my Korean language skills and I am not understanding what the questions that I am being asked are. I do poorly and it is determined that I would be slated to work in Belgium instead.

What is weird about the dream is that my colleagues understand the questions that are being asked.  I don’t understand why I failed in my evaluation.

I wake up with a sense of anxiety of what is about to happen in my real conscious life.  I carefully back track all the conversations between my dream interviewer and myself.  It is like peeling an onion.  Layers of self conscious dreaming melting away.  I am trying to understand the message that is being told to me.  Understand why I am anxious.

I often feel that my dream life and my real life will meet in the middle and I will have a conscious awakening.  My conscious life slowly unraveling what my dream life is doing and vice versa.  I often feel like I don’t know who I really am.  Have I been living a false life all this time and my dream life will resurrect itself.  What will the final metamorphoses be.

Who will this new Lisa emerge as?

I am looking for answers in my conscious life and gathering all the data that I can gather.  Bits and pieces taken from books, artifacts taken from the internet, images that I capture during my daily travels.  I am cataloging them in an attempt that my final analysis will help guide me.

All I can do is breathe and focus.  Focus on the daily tasks that I do on a conscious level. Breathe in the knowledge, breathe out my dreams.






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