Dreams about exs

I get it that you still linger around my subconscious – a stray dog sniffing for attention,

You are that unresolved argument, that moment when backs are turned and words come out of empty sound. Volume turned way down on the television set and all I can see is black and white snow peppering the bsckground.

This is you.

At one point in my life, you were important to me,

I dream through scenes where you are surrounded by 2 Russian ladies, you liked Russians I believe,

Made mockery of my Asian heritage because you could not understand the crisp lines of order and tradition,

You who do not respect anything not American, yet you your self do not have tradition, no, vacations to Disneyland is not cultural heritage.

I digress….

In my dream, you are fawning over these women. Any attention and I am looking at you with pity.

I am wading away from you and these women and submerge myself under water,

I am not drowning rather I am swimming deeper into sleep, and I leave you behind, you are alone and frustrated,

Things are not what you expected, this is real life.


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