Sad songs

You always had a penchant for the sad songs,

The ones that pulled your heart strings,

The kind that made you regret lost loves,

Not your average lonesome country twang but something more ancient,

The black mountain hills with the faraway eye girl,

Is that what I have become now,

Closed off from your hurt,

From your wanting of home?

Even in home,

The one you shared with me,

You were always longing for something intangible,

For something unreachable,

A memory that is gone,

You became a ghost when the hurt became to real,

Take off running,

I understand your need to search,

I ask you to come home but this was never your home,

This was never a place to rest your head because you were never committed,

Not with whole heart because you were always searching

For that song,

Was I ever in your song,

The one that you always longed for?


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