Tribute to Anne Sexton


The politics of sex is riddled with double standards and

High heels clicking to the rhythm of

Dance and staccato,

Of silken ropes tied to apron strings and

We are brought back to the realization that

Sex cannot be separated from the politics of life

From the politics of breathing

From the politics of irony,


Feeble, emotional wenches dragging their poor sex around

The bedposts,

Silly notion that there is only ONE way to have sex

Mission style and served and reserved as leftovers,
Women become haggard and witchy without the sex,

Punk hair flying high on static electricity,

Rubbing against the grain

As politics often does to people,

It is this definition of politics and that

Tension we all call sex that bring

Out the monster in us all,

Green eyed and horny,

Solidarity sisters,

We hold the power of desires and wants,

Men; dogs dragging their tails between legs

Become our Cerebus nipping at our heels,

Role reversal?

Arms to hips,

Amazon warriors strike up the call

Sisters in arms,

Our battle cry echo as one

Muscles rippling across armored plates,

Only to fall victim to that that junk we call love,

Politics and sex

Desire and tension

Seduction and release

All the same damn thing if you ask me.


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