I dream these days
Most often I dream of events both past and present,
Both fiction and non-fiction,
I see this as a living documentary,
My life revealed through the lens of my mind,

I dream that we have just moved,
To a new apartment,
A large loft space but my heart is somewhere else,
And I take this mid placement as a loss of love to our relationship,
I mistake this feeling as
My dedication to our marriage,
And I cry,
Spilling my heart to my High school German teacher,
I tell her that
I am changing,
Metamorphosis into something beautiful yet intense,
As beautiful as life
As intense as death,
The sharp contrast in this change is so vivid that I can taste the salt in my tears in my dream,
My German teachers tells me that
Life is beautiful and death is violent and these two things are partners,
One and the same.
Live life as it is your last. Keep memories and loves as precious
reminders that life is but a footstep off the cliff,
Death is just the reset button.


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