Life propels forward

Life events propel with changes. Good changes are in store. Belief that the universe will keep watch and healing with occur.
My daughter tells me she had a good therapy session and there are options for her. If she understands that hard work on her part to mend her. To guide her towards adulthood and positive life changes.
There is talk about a transitional housing situation. Maybe this will propel her to take a look at herself and work on herself.
I need to let go of my own fears and anxieties. The fear that she may not come back.
I can only work on positive change for me while she is on get life path. The teachings that I am learning are for me.
She is willing to make these changes so she can get to where she wants to go. Finish high school and onto college. This is her dream. She wants to pursue. I told her a college fund is there for her. She just had to stay in school.
I know she can do this.
What am I doing in the meantime?
Focus on meditation. Follow the Buddha path. Through my learning the teachings, I’m able to face a lot of my own fears.
Peace and love is the path.
Ohm mani padme hum.
Ohm mani padme hum.



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