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I misjudged my hip recovery and now I am starting over again. This time, I am being very careful and breathing through every step, every turn, every uphill and decent.
As we are walking back to the car, a street vendor stops to talk to me. He says he has something for me. Doesn’t want me to pay for it. He proceeds to take out a piece of leather and measures it to my wrist. He takes out a pen and draws a feather on it. So you are light in your steps. He says. Be careful with your body.
We stop to talk. His name is Joseph. I tell him mine. My husband and step son talks to him as well. He tells me he used to practice kung fu.
As we were heading back to the car, my husband asked if I knew him. I said I did not but this kind of meetings always happens to me. I’m curious and always feel connected to people.



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